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a close quarter hunting product

Landin and Lance are two country boys from Thunder Bay who share a passion for hunting, and the outdoors in general. As children, they split their time between their country home and their camp, often helping their father, who was an avid hunter. They watched him closely, and learned as much as possible from him. He taught them how to hunt and, taught them a sense of reverence and respect for the animals.


Grunts Canada supports Canadian Conservation. 10% of ALL profits go to Conservation Ontario.

minimize scent

Balsam fir acts as an oral cover scent to help
mask your breath to get you within close quarters of big game animals.

maximize call

Grunts hunting lozenge is an expectorant to help you clear your throat and improve calling techniques.

why grunts

we give hunters an edge

We believe in the power of local, down-home businesses, as well as the power of doing good. Because of our love of hunting, and the deep respect we hold for animals and the natural world, we give back a percentage of all profits to organizations that focus on environmental conservation and the sustainability of hunting and harvesting practices. We strive to grow Grunts into a strong Canadian business that supports both our local, and our Canadian economy. We believe in living your dreams, and creating the life that you are meant to live - a fulfilled life, living through your passions and doing what you love.

grunts benefits


Balsam fir helps to mask your scent and improving your overall stealth, to get you closer to big game animals. The lozenge is an expectorant to help you clear your throat and improve calling techniques. as an added bonus, it helps to act as a natural insect repellant.


Ingredients in the lozenge are all natural with balsam fir, echinacea, eucalyptus and menthol.


According to a scientific study conducted by LaSeve Laboratory; Fir tree essential oil has disinfectant and expectorant properties. It’s aromatic properties, help fight cold and flu symptoms.


Helps relieve your symptoms of cough, cold, and nasal congestion, while temporarily soothing sore throats. Grunts also help to strengthen your immunity and shortens duration of upper respiratory tract infections.